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Room Booking Notice

Prices listed in web pages is not absolute room rate.  Those are reference rate only.  It helps you compare the grade and standard of different hostel/hotels.  Actual room rate is ever changing with supply & demand on particular period, local holidays, seasonal factors, exhibition or personal liking of hostel bosses etc.  It is very normal in the accommodation industry around the world.  Pls do not feel surprise if room rate is 50-500% higher than those listed in website.  It is quite often happening in Hong Kong or Macau.  Pls treat our quoted room rate as final.  Pls book at least 7 days in advance. Thank You!

Weekend Room Booking Important Reminder!!

If you would like to book rooms over weekends in Hong Kong, please send in your enquiry form and confirm your booking as least TWO WEEKS in advance.  For your information, there are well over 300,000+ tourists from China visiting Hong Kong EVERY WEEKEND under new legislation imposed by Chinese Government to loosen their immigration Law.  Budget hostel room supply is much less than you have ever image,  so waste less time asking around and have more fun in Hong Kong by booking well in advance.  Cheers!


Please note! You MUST fill in the Hostel/Hotel Name for us to give you a proper quote.  If you are not sure which hostel to choose and would like us to recommend, pls give us your selection criteria in the [Other Comment] field.  The more detail the better.  Pls do not send in a blank form with no name or criteria, that is a waste of time and we will not answer those blank form.  Thank you for your co-operation.


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Hostel Room Booking Details:
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Room Type & Number of Room(s) Needed (*)


Pls note, hostel room is VERY SMALL in Hong Kong.  Double bed means 4 feet wide and single bed means 3 feet wide.  Don't even imagine you can squeeze one more person in any room, if that person is just a kid or even infant!


Single Room︰ room (one single bed, sleeps ONE people ONLY)
Twin Room︰
room (two single beds, sleeps TWO people ONLY)
Double Room︰ room
(one double bed, sleeps TWO people ONLY)
Triple Room︰
room (sleeps THREE people ONLY)

Quad Room︰ room (sleeps FOUR people ONLY)

Multiple People Room︰ people (The biggest hostel multiple room can hold 6 pax.  Very few hostel has multiple room.  If your group is big, pls give detail requirement on how to break up your group in what kind of room in Other Details please.  That will help us give you a proper quote with first reply and save us lots of time.  Pls remember, kid or infant do need a space to sleep. Thx!)

(Please note, child with age older than 5 years will be considered as one person)


Check-in Date:


Check-out Date:


How Many NIGHTS in total:

Nights (example, check-in 1st and check out 4th is THREE NIGHTS)

Number of people staying:

(*)(give details below if above 15 people)

Other Details and Requests:

(Can fill in other hostel name if you want to check multiple hostels.  No need fill in more forms, choose 3 hotel MAX)


Terms and condition︰

  • Please book the room at least TWO DAYS in advance.  Otherwise we do not have enough time to process the booking procedures and deposit payment collection.

  • The (*) field must be filled in, in order for us to reply your enquiry correctly.  Please fill in as much information as possible in order to speed up the enquiry process.  Please also kindly give us your TRUE and CORRECT email address as we need to get back to you with email.

  • All quoted fee is Nett cost for the rooms which includes Hong Kong Government tax and service fee already

  • All booking enquiry will not be consider confirmed until our email quotation sent to you and your acceptance of the quote and reply us with confirmation on booking by email

  • Upon your confirmation, we will collect 15% of total room rate for the whole period of stay or the first night room rental of all rooms PLUS HKD100-500 per room per night (depends on room type) for the following days as room reservation deposit (whichever sum is higher)

  • All reservation is considered confirm only upon deposit has been collected from you

  • Room(s) will be holding for you for the whole period after your booking is confirmed so all collected deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances if you do not show up and/or stay less than the booked period.  All booked number of room(s), check-in date, check-out date, number of days of staying cannot be cancelled and amended after booking.  No refund will be issued whatsoever.  Please plan your trip and confirm the check-in and check-out date with great respect.  So please make sure your schedule before you pay us the room reservation deposit

  • If you do not show up on first night of booking period, the whole booking period will be considered cancel by the client, all rooms originally held for you with the booking will be released to other customers.  No refund of deposit will be issued whatsoever

  • We facilitate the processing and booking of certain travel services including accommodation. We do not provide, own or run any travel services ourselves and in particular we do not provide, own or run any accommodation. In the highly unlikely event of a problem arising with the room, our liability to you, if any, is limited to the deposit and the reservation fee you paid

  • Your use of this website is subject to your irrevocable acceptance without modification of these terms of use (the 'Terms and condition') and you agree to use this website in accordance with and subject to these Terms. The Terms as set out above constitute the entire agreement between you and 179.hk/Hong Kong Pass Travel. If you do not accept these Terms, do not use this website. By accessing any part of the website, you consent to be bound by these Terms